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Week One Reflections

You know that awkward feeling when you just don’t know what to do with your hands?  Well week one pretty much felt like that - but with everything. Where do I put this? How do I get to this? Where should we go? What should we do today? Why doesn’t the water work? Why doesn’t the internet work? Crap, is there an engine problem? Has Miles eaten/peed/pooped? Damn, I hit my head again! As one would expect, we’ve had some kinks to work out.  I’m happy to report that we’ve mostly gotten the what/where/when in the bus figured out at this [...]

Week One Reflections2018-05-08T08:51:40-06:00

Meow Wolf: A Great Way to Stay Warm in Santa Fe

As you may have heard by now from our other blog posts, it is apparently cold in New Mexico this time of year.  We made it two whole nights of camping in high 30 degree temps at night before deciding it was best to get a hotel room (with heat) for the next two nights when temps were expected to drop into the twenties.  While we had a nice warm place to keep Miles and little desire to spend time in the cold and windy outdoors we decided it was time to check out the city of Santa Fe and one [...]

Meow Wolf: A Great Way to Stay Warm in Santa Fe2018-05-08T08:51:41-06:00

Vicaribupdate 2 – Taos to Santa Fe

Leg 2 took us around the Enchanted Circle to Taos and then on to the art capital of the southwest, Santa Fe. Little known fact: Taos is latin for hamburger. The Enchanted Circle is a circle made of roads that encompasses an area that is enchanted. It is dotted with smaller ski areas and scenic little campgrounds. We drove from about 11:00 on the circle to about 7:00 on the circle in a clockwise fashion. The roads were steep and windy, and Vicaribus only acted like it was going to die a couple times. On the circle we made a stop [...]

Vicaribupdate 2 – Taos to Santa Fe2018-05-08T08:52:25-06:00

Vicaribupdate 1 – As to be expected

Definition of Vicaribupdate Via the transitive properties of word math: Vicarious + Bus = Vicaribus, Vicaribus + Update = Vicaribupdate Rundown of day 1 As to be expected there were some kinks on Day 1. There's no need to dwell on them, or else we'll have no time for the rest of the kinks to come, but I will quickly run through them in chronological order. As to be expected, my nice mountain bike was stolen out of our garage while I was returning the rental car I have been using for the last little bit. The good news is that [...]

Vicaribupdate 1 – As to be expected2018-05-08T08:52:39-06:00

T-1 Day. We are go for launch.

A year of hard work, abbreviated frugalness, and minimal planning have to brought us to the big day. Jobs have been quit, earthly possessions have been expunged, and friends have been hugged goodbye. All that is left now is to spend a final night in our empty apartment, get up bright and semi-early and put the pedal to the metal in search of warmer pastures. Denver gave us three good years and now we are 24 hours from the start of a year (plus or minus) of freedom and folly. Our only real plan is to follow the weather, which means [...]

T-1 Day. We are go for launch.2018-05-08T08:52:53-06:00

Bus Conversion: How we fit a living room, dining room, office, guest bed and storage in 20 square feet.

Designing a bus is a lot of work, and one of the hardest parts is deciding which things actually get to the fit in the bus, which parts of the build get precious inches added to or subtracted from them, and which things get eliminated all together. It's all about making the most of the space, and squeezing out every last drop of functionality. Being that we are all about comfort and lounging, we knew that some kind of "living room" with couch seating had to make the cut. Our couch in our sticks-and-bricks apartment is where we spend the vast [...]

Bus Conversion: How we fit a living room, dining room, office, guest bed and storage in 20 square feet.2018-05-08T08:48:16-06:00

Searching: a (trailer for a) film by the Passengers

A while back the Passengers (sans Miles) went to Iceland to film a story about a T-Rex searching for... well, searching for something that you can't know about yet. We are proud to release the trailer for that film now. Enjoy. If you would like to receive email updates for the Vicaribus build, click here to subscribe! [jetpack_subscription_form title="Subscribe to Vicaribus for some excellent email updates!" subscribe_button="Subscribe Now!"]

Searching: a (trailer for a) film by the Passengers2018-05-08T08:53:41-06:00

Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous

It seems we are due an update. As these things go - in this case blogging the conversion - the momentum has waned, but fear not, the conversion itself carries on as strong as ever. Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. The kitchen is pretty darn far along, as is the bathroom. These will be the focus of this post, but do note that since the last update, there have been other ancillary bits of progress as well. These include, but are not limited to, full installation of the ceiling boards, installation and plumbing of a propane tank under [...]

Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous2018-05-08T08:48:16-06:00

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart

I'm fairly certain this is excursion three. The first was definitely Pikes Peak, documented here. The second would have been Twin Lakes - undocumented, but mostly consisting of overheating on he side of the mountain roads, and lakes. This time around we took Vicaribus up to Nebraska for some eclipse chasing. Our base of operations was a fantastic gem of a lake called Lake McConaughy, commonly referred to as Lake Mac. What a find that was. Lake Mac is the biggest lake and Nebraska, and when the water is down like now, it is surrounded by exceptional white sand beaches. The [...]

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart2018-05-08T08:54:14-06:00

Bus Conversion: How to make an awesome kitchen countertop from a door

We spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do for our kitchen counter top. There were two primary requirements - it needed to be light and it needed to be durable - and for a bonus we were hoping it would be cheap!  Once you start talking about light weight, you pretty much eliminate all stone countertop choices and durable takes away glass, ceramic. I’m no expert, but this pretty much left us with wood - solid or laminate.  We started exploring the butcher block style, and while it met our criteria being durable, relatively light and relatively [...]

Bus Conversion: How to make an awesome kitchen countertop from a door2018-05-08T08:48:17-06:00
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