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Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous

It seems we are due an update. As these things go - in this case blogging the conversion - the momentum has waned, but fear not, the conversion itself carries on as strong as ever. Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. The kitchen is pretty darn far along, as is the bathroom. These will be the focus of this post, but do note that since the last update, there have been other ancillary bits of progress as well. These include, but are not limited to, full installation of the ceiling boards, installation and plumbing of a propane tank under [...]

Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous 2017-10-12T17:50:38+00:00

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart

I'm fairly certain this is excursion three. The first was definitely Pikes Peak, documented here. The second would have been Twin Lakes - undocumented, but mostly consisting of overheating on he side of the mountain roads, and lakes. This time around we took Vicaribus up to Nebraska for some eclipse chasing. Our base of operations was a fantastic gem of a lake called Lake McConaughy, commonly referred to as Lake Mac. What a find that was. Lake Mac is the biggest lake and Nebraska, and when the water is down like now, it is surrounded by exceptional white sand beaches. The [...]

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart 2017-08-27T12:58:32+00:00

Bus Conversion: Power Up

We spent over half of our initial budget on a top of the line power system from Victron Energy. And by we, I mean I. You know what they say about initial budgets anyway, "It's like that unicorn you thought you saw.. turns out some guy just glued a horn to his pony. Never gonna happen." One of my favorite sayings. So, why did I go all out on the power system? I'm a hardware hacker. I like technology. I like fancy technology. And, I like data. The Victron Energy systems give me all of that. They have some really nice [...]

Bus Conversion: Power Up 2017-08-04T16:20:15+00:00

Bus Conversion: Getting Tanked

In this episode of the Vicaribus bus conversion blog-a-thon we will go over the Vicaribus water system and installation. You'll not want to miss it, because it includes bonus footage of slow motion awkwardly positioned welding by our good friend Chad at C-Squared Studios. When adding a water system to a bus there are lots of options as to how you can go about it. You will typically have a fresh water tank, a grey water tank, and possibly a black water tank. The fresh tank is your sparkly clean fresh water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Your grey water tank [...]

Bus Conversion: Getting Tanked 2017-06-22T16:43:09+00:00

Bus Conversion: Insulation and More – Floor, Walls and Ceiling, Oh My

Before Michelangelo could craft a masterpiece, he first had to create a blank canvas. As it goes for Michelangelo, so goes it for Vicaribus. After the teardown was complete, the next step was re-insulating and boarding up the floor, walls and ceiling so that we could have a nice clean medium in which to apply our handywork. If you peruse the skoolie forums, you will find lots of discussion on whether or not to insulate and if so, what type of insulation to go with. Even though we are leaving most of our windows exposed (bus windows are quite the thermal succubus... ha, pun [...]

Bus Conversion: Insulation and More – Floor, Walls and Ceiling, Oh My 2017-06-20T17:56:23+00:00

Bus Conversion: Remove the really cold dual A/C systems

Why on earth would one remove two - yes, two - very cold, very working, custom A/C units from a bus that one also plans to live in? The answer is very simple, and two part. They took up too much room, as we have a very small bus. And, they are only useful when the bus is running. We will be using something else to keep ourselves cool, and intend to follow the weather as best we can while traveling. I didn't actually get any good picture of the systems while they were on the bus, but this is where the [...]

Bus Conversion: Remove the really cold dual A/C systems 2017-04-15T09:49:33+00:00

Bus Conversion: Make engine’s presence less known inside

This one was a quicky that went way better than I expected, though I haven't really tested to see if there is any actual improvement. The situation: the engine on this bus sits further back, pretty much in the cab of the bus. This provides some benefits, such as visibility improvements and a unique look. The problem: this bad boy is loud and hot. The solution (not really a complete solution): replace the sound/thermal lining on the interior of the access cover in the cab. From this: To this: To this: To cover this: Using this: I was surprised how easy it [...]

Bus Conversion: Make engine’s presence less known inside 2017-04-19T11:14:00+00:00

Bus Conversion: Replace rusty old fuel sender unit

About 100 miles into my first ride in the bus, I realized the gas gauge hadn't moved. For the next 2200 miles or so I just guessed as to how much gas I had, which didn't always work. (See 2000 Mile Shakedown) The first hunch is always that the fuel tank sender unit isn't working. After some poor multimeter testing and some weird behavior from the dash I incorrectly determined the issue was with the fuel gauge itself. 90% percent sure now that it was indeed the sender unit. Fortunately for me, some previous owner had cut an access panel to the [...]

Bus Conversion: Replace rusty old fuel sender unit 2017-04-15T09:49:50+00:00

Bus Conversion: Make the instrument panel work more than 50% of the time

About 3 miles after I finalized the purchase of the bus and drove away from the seller I noticed something funny, and further more, something that was not disclosed at the time of the sale. Sometimes the dash just stops working completely! No wonder it had "low miles". Right now it says it has around 60,000 miles. No telling what it really has. The initial suspect was a bad ground or short somewhere, as the problem was intermittent and exacerbated by shaking. After much trial and error and some help from the forums, it was determined that it was likely that there [...]

Bus Conversion: Make the instrument panel work more than 50% of the time 2017-04-15T09:49:56+00:00

2000 Mile Shakedown

Hey folks, it's me Vicaribus. I'm gonna let my driver, Nick, handle this update for me. I have much more important bus things to do... It started in Daytona, Florida. It ended in Denver, Colorado. The ol' D to D shakedown, as they call it. To be quite honest, this wasn't really as much of a planned shakedown, as it was a necessary maneuver to get the bus from where it was purchased to where it was going to be converted. However, the change of location did provide quite the shakedown. Want to know how it went? Probably about how you would [...]

2000 Mile Shakedown 2017-04-15T09:50:02+00:00