A year of hard work, abbreviated frugalness, and minimal planning have to brought us to the big day. Jobs have been quit, earthly possessions have been expunged, and friends have been hugged goodbye. All that is left now is to spend a final night in our empty apartment, get up bright and semi-early and put the pedal to the metal in search of warmer pastures.

Denver gave us three good years and now we are 24 hours from the start of a year (plus or minus) of freedom and folly. Our only real plan is to follow the weather, which means our first heading is south. New Mexico and Arizona come first. Then we will chase the cooler air back up north through Utah and Idaho into Washington and Oregon. Once the seasons turn the other way, so shall we, heading south again down the Pacific coast. Somewhere in southern California we will point due East to switch coasts for the holidays and to ‘winter’ in Florida.

To bring you the vicariousness that the name Vicaribus promises, two new features have been added (somewhat) to our site.

First up isĀ Our Map. From here you will be able to follow our path as we meander across the states. It is our intention to also include markers for our favorite Points of Interest along the way.

The second new feature is currently more of a promise and a place holder. Over on the Live Data page, you will be able to (eventually) see all kinds of data that will be tracked from our current location. I threw my hardware hacking skills at creating sensor array that will collect and share many types of data, including but not limited to: indoor temperature and humidity, outdoor temp and wind speed, various air quality and gas levels, light levels, sound levels, GPS, motion sensing, and my favorite, our current orientation to the surface of the earth, i.e. an indicator of whether or not the bus is right-side-up or not. (Keep an eye on that one) Most of the work is done, but I still have a little left before the data will start streaming.

Once we get settled into a groove, we also be sending out a final tour of the completed conversion and making much more regular updates, so stay tuned.

Bon voyagee!