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Vicaribupdate 7 – Lake Powell, Arizonutah and Kanab, Utah

After an interesting morning departure from the Sedona area, we made our way up to Lake Powell, just outside of Page, Arizona. Lake Powell is ginormous. Little known fact: Lake Powell's total shoreline can measure from nearly 2,000 miles, using fairly standard measuring techniques, to infinity using an infinitely small unit of measure. We spent 4 nights here, and 1 full day on a boat in the water. After Lake Powell, we stayed a few nights in Kanab, Utah. The first step in leaving the Sedona area if you are heading north is to crawl your way out of the Oak [...]

Vicaribupdate 7 – Lake Powell, Arizonutah and Kanab, Utah2018-05-14T17:16:47-06:00

The Best Camping Spots in New Mexico

We spent 21 nights at 13 different camping spots in New Mexico in April 2018 and compiled a list of our favorites to share with you.  We broke them up into categories so that there is something for everyone from RV parks to tent camping and more!     Top RV Park: Santa Fe Skies RV Park Website: www.santafeskiesrvpark.com Address:14 Browncastle Ranch Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 map Price: $45 and up Description: This is a nice RV Park with amenities like a dog park, a walking trail, laundry machines that take credit cards, unlimited clean hot water showers, fast wifi, tons of [...]

The Best Camping Spots in New Mexico2018-05-14T15:54:13-06:00

Best Random New Mexico Road Trip Stops

After driving over 1000 miles and spending just under 4 weeks in New Mexico, we’ve settled on our favorite road trips stops.  Interestingly, most of our favorites were in southern New Mexico, and could easily be combined into a shorter trip. Perhaps, it was the cold weather and engine troubles we had while in the northern parts that kept them from being our favorites?  Either way these places are sure to please and should be added to anybody’s New Mexico road trip itinerary. Heather’s Favorite: Madrid, NM Madrid is located on the turquoise trail which is a scenic byway between Santa [...]

Best Random New Mexico Road Trip Stops2018-05-12T21:28:20-06:00

Vicaribupdate 6 – Sedona

Sedona: A place deserving of it's own solo update post. We spent five nights just outside of Sedona at the charming Cave Springs Campground in the Oak Creek Canyon. It served as the perfect base of operations for exploring the area, whilst providing an excellent setting for just chilling out. Little known fact: the ancient Roman's so loved the color of the Sedona cliffs, they created the first transatlantic trade route all of the way back to Rome just for decorating their palaces with the gorgeous stone. Ignoring the one night in the parking lot of the gift shop at the [...]

Vicaribupdate 6 – Sedona2018-05-08T11:05:16-06:00

Vicaribupdate 5 – White Sands to Sedona

After our magical night in White Sands, we headed over to Truth or Consequences, a town named after a radio and TV show from way back when. Technically we stayed in Elephant Butte, at the Elephant Butte Lake State Park. Little known fact: the last elephant to inhabit this region, Gary, was shot and killed by poachers in 1976. It is a very nice lake, and we ended up having three nights in a nice spot with a view over the lake. See more photos here. On our first full day in town we took a tour of Spaceport America, the [...]

Vicaribupdate 5 – White Sands to Sedona2018-05-08T08:51:38-06:00

Lessons Learned Month One on the Road

Technically, it has not been a whole month yet, but, with May starting it seemed close enough.  We have certainly had our share of kinks and things to work out these first few weeks.  Therefore, we thought we would offer up some advice, or lessons if you will, of things we have learned so far from full time traveling in our converted school bus. 1) STOW GFF - pronounced “Stow Girlfriend Friend” in a high pitched voice.  This is the acronym we came up with of all the things to check and make sure are in the right position before driving. [...]

Lessons Learned Month One on the Road2018-05-08T08:51:39-06:00

Backcountry Camping at White Sands National Monument

A few nights ago we went backcountry camping in White Sands National Monument. We'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but let's talk about this first picture a bit. A little over three years ago when Heather and I moved to Denver from Atlanta, we stopped in White Sands for the afternoon one day. We took some pictures of us jumping down the dunes. You know, fun stuff. Fast forward to a couple days ago, and Miles decided he wanted to be just like dad, replicating the same shot. Turns out he has mad ups. (We interrupt this post [...]

Backcountry Camping at White Sands National Monument2018-05-08T08:51:39-06:00

Vicaribupdate 4 – The Miles Edition

Guys, I’ve been having a great time the past few days traveling all around New Mexico. New Mexico? Do you guys ever wonder what Old Mexico is like? Because New Mexico isn't exactly shiny and new looking... I’ll have to add that to my list of things to ponder when I get tired of trying to figure out "who’s a good boy?" Anyways, it all started the other day when we drove down this road called the Turquoise Trail when we were leaving Santa Fe. There were lots of things along the way that looked pretty enough to sniff. We made [...]

Vicaribupdate 4 – The Miles Edition2018-05-08T08:51:39-06:00

Hanging with Alpacas (and Trying Out Harvest Hosts)

After spending 4 nights in a mechanic's parking lot we were ready for fun and adventure again.  We made a brief stop at an RV park for some hot showers and laundry and then moved on to our first Harvest Hosts stay - an alpaca farm! For those of you who do not know, Harvests Hosts is a membership program you can join that gives you access to fun places like farms, wineries, museums, etc., all over the country that will let you spend the night on their property.  Naturally, when we saw an alpaca farm right in the Santa Fe [...]

Hanging with Alpacas (and Trying Out Harvest Hosts)2018-08-09T11:45:59-06:00

Vicaribupdate 3 – On the road again

Sometimes you just get lucky - is probably not the way you would describe spending four nights and lots of dollars in a mechanic's parking lot just a week into your year-long journey, but I think it applies here. Little known fact: Willie Nelson has never been inside a bus. This is our first official "on the road again" post. I feel like it must be a right-of-passage for those who document such a journey. We knew the post was coming and the timing feels about right. So here's the deal: After our two nights in a hotel in Santa Fe, [...]

Vicaribupdate 3 – On the road again2018-05-08T08:51:40-06:00
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