As you may have heard by now from our other blog posts, it is apparently cold in New Mexico this time of year.  We made it two whole nights of camping in high 30 degree temps at night before deciding it was best to get a hotel room (with heat) for the next two nights when temps were expected to drop into the twenties.  While we had a nice warm place to keep Miles and little desire to spend time in the cold and windy outdoors we decided it was time to check out the city of Santa Fe and one of the indoor activities at the top of our list was Meow Wolf.

Now, if you’ve never heard of Meow Wolf, the best way I can describe it is that it is like stepping into Alice in Wonderland.  It is an interactive art exhibit with a narrative mystery story to go along with it. You wander aimlessly through room after room, squeezing into nooks that turn out to be more rooms or crawling into washing machines that slide you into other rooms and then climbing treehouse that lead into more rooms and before you know it you are in a whole other world.  Are you confused yet? Just trust me that it is amazing.

We spent a few hours here and loved every minute of it- from playing the laser harp, to nick going all hacker on the computer in the house looking for clues, to all the crazy creatures, and even the food trucks out front.  It was $25 per person for entry and on a Friday afternoon it was not terribly crowded and we were able to enjoy the rooms and touch and play with everything without waiting most of the time. Both Nick and I thought it was money and time well spent.  Miles on the other hand was not a fan of being left out of the fun in the hotel room.

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