Definition of Vicaribupdate

Via the transitive properties of word math: Vicarious + Bus = Vicaribus, Vicaribus + Update = Vicaribupdate

Rundown of day 1

As to be expected there were some kinks on Day 1. There’s no need to dwell on them, or else we’ll have no time for the rest of the kinks to come, but I will quickly run through them in chronological order.

As to be expected, my nice mountain bike was stolen out of our garage while I was returning the rental car I have been using for the last little bit. The good news is that the new bike I picked up fits me much better.

As to be expected, the water pump felt no need to spring back into action after a full winter off. The good news is that water also comes in jugs.

As to be expected, the fridge cabinet tries to squish Miles every time we take a left turn. The good news is that Miles was never in next to the fridge door when we took left turns.

As to be expected, cruise control only works sometimes. The good news is that cruise control works sometimes.

All in all, I think we nailed it. Our goal was Taos, New Mexico, but as expected we got a bit of a late start. We landed somewhere in New Mexico; Questa I believe it’s called. We opted for an RV park with hookups for night one to ease into the bus life.

It’s warmish for the next two nights, so we should be able to get some Taos/Santa Fe region action in, before fleeing the freezing temps.