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Nick makes things, including bus conversions. Read about all the things here.

Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous

It seems we are due an update. As these things go - in this case blogging the conversion - the momentum has waned, but fear not, the conversion itself carries on as strong as [...]

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart

I'm fairly certain this is excursion three. The first was definitely Pikes Peak, documented here. The second would have been Twin Lakes - undocumented, but mostly consisting of overheating on he side of the [...]

Bus Conversion: Insulation and More – Floor, Walls and Ceiling, Oh My

Before Michelangelo could craft a masterpiece, he first had to create a blank canvas. As it goes for Michelangelo, so goes it for Vicaribus. After the teardown was complete, the next step was re-insulating and boarding up [...]

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