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Heather, and the Purple Backpack Travel Blog

Everywhere we go, so does the Purple Backpack. It seems to star in many of our best photos, so it only felt right give it a mention here in the blog of our travels.

Vicaribupdate 1 – As to be expected

Definition of Vicaribupdate Via the transitive properties of word math: Vicarious + Bus = Vicaribus, Vicaribus + Update = Vicaribupdate Rundown of day 1 As to be expected there were some kinks on Day [...]

T-1 Day. We are go for launch.

A year of hard work, abbreviated frugalness, and minimal planning have to brought us to the big day. Jobs have been quit, earthly possessions have been expunged, and friends have been hugged goodbye. All [...]

Bus Conversion: How we fit a living room, dining room, office, guest bed and storage in 20 square feet.

Designing a bus is a lot of work, and one of the hardest parts is deciding which things actually get to the fit in the bus, which parts of the build get precious inches [...]

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