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Vicaribupdate – 5,000 Miles Later

Oh hey! Anybody still out there? Is this thing on? If you're still hanging around waiting for an update, we have good news, because here it is! It will, however, not be thorough, comprehensive, deep or filled with lovely photos, which may come as a disappointment. We have found it too much of a joy to refocus our blog related efforts towards things like fixing the bus and driving. Our Instagram account is still rocking and a rolling, making it the best place to see what's really going on with Vicaribus and the Passengers. Since we last spoke, [...]

Vicaribupdate – 5,000 Miles Later2018-12-02T10:04:33-07:00

Vicaribupdate – The Oregon Coast in September

We spent 18 days on the Oregon coast starting at Fort Stevens in the north working the entire way down to Brookings in the south. From what we heard and experienced we did this leg of the journey nearly perfectly. It could have only been made better by adding more time. If you want the ultimate Oregon coast experience, the recipe is simple. One, have a major breakdown just before arriving so that you are worn out and ready to chill. Two, before even seeing the water, find a surf shop, swallow your overwhelming fear of death by shark, and get outfitted [...]

Vicaribupdate – The Oregon Coast in September2018-09-16T14:21:16-06:00

Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Is It Worth It?

Roadside assistance is usually one of those things you get and hope you never have to use.  That is unless you are a bus conversion, then you are fairly certain it's not a matter of if you will use it, but when.  We opted for a plan through Good Sam which is one of the top providers among RVers.  We have the RV Standard plan which costs $90 per year.  We have now used their service twice and here's how it went, you tell us if it's worth it or not. Roadside Breakdown Number One: The Breakdown: Our first tow-worthy break [...]

Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Is It Worth It?2018-09-13T11:40:26-06:00

Vicaribupdate – Central Oregon Xscapers Convergence

Eleven times now this year, a community of full-time RVers have converged on a single location to spend a week or so of socializing, group activities and late-night shenanigans. These are the Xscapers - a sub-club within the Escapees RV Club geared towards younger working nomads. We missed the first ten, but after having multiple people we met on the road suggest we get our act together and join the community, we found our way to Redmond, Oregon, just outside of Bend, for one of our best weeks on the road yet. Little known fact: Vicaribus is the first skoolie to [...]

Vicaribupdate – Central Oregon Xscapers Convergence2018-09-09T00:01:04-06:00

North Cascades National Park: Why It May Be the Most Underrated National Park

North Cascades National Park is located in Northern Washington about 3 hours west of Seattle.  It is surrounded by national recreation areas and national forests creating a huge play land for you to explore. Whether you only have a day to drive through and check out the viewpoints or weeks to get deep into the wilderness North Cascades National Park should be on your bucket list and here is why: It's Free! That's right, there is no entrance fee (or even a gate) for the park.  Some trailheads do have a day use parking fee, however the Interagency Annual Pass is [...]

North Cascades National Park: Why It May Be the Most Underrated National Park2018-09-06T14:41:40-06:00

Vicaribupdate – Entering Oregon: Portland, Hood River, Mt. Hood and More

Our sixth state on this journey so far happens to be Oregon. We crossed over from Washington over the Columbia River into Astoria, headed to Portland for a few days, worked our way up river to the town of Hood River, then down and around Mt. Hood and through Silver Falls on our way to Redmond for an Xscapers Convergence. Little known fact: Several crucial scenes in Point Break were filmed in Oregon. Portland The first place we ended up staying in the Big O was Portland, which is not too far from the border of Washington or the coast. Following [...]

Vicaribupdate – Entering Oregon: Portland, Hood River, Mt. Hood and More2018-08-31T21:55:11-06:00

I Can Haz Internets? How We Stay Connected on the Road

Some folks choose this type of lifestyle specifically to disconnect - that's not us. Staying connected is vital to our day-to-day bus life. I work remotely as a Software Engineer to keep the gas tank filled, and we are heavy sharers of this journey to keep your social media feeds and inboxes filled. We have five different means of connecting to the world wide internets on our bus - or three, or two, depending on how you look at it. The Five Ways We Connect (Or Three, or Two) Here are the five: My iPhone 7, Heather's iPhone X, our AT&T [...]

I Can Haz Internets? How We Stay Connected on the Road2018-08-31T10:47:06-06:00

Five Best Campsites in Idaho

Idaho was our 4th state to visit on our journey and provided some of our best campsites yet!  There is ample free camping in the mountains and national forests and tons of dreamy waterfront spots on various lakes and rivers.  Perhaps the best thing of all about Idaho, it seems nobody else knows about it yet.  While we are hesitant about letting the secret out, Idaho is too awesome not to share.  Without further ado here are our five best campsites in Idaho:   1. Trail Creek Road: Sun Valley, ID Location: Trail Creek Road (Sawtooth National Forest): numerous spots available Type [...]

Five Best Campsites in Idaho2018-08-23T12:15:56-06:00

Vicaribupdate – Olympic Peninsula, Washington

The Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park in western Washington has a little bit of everything. Glacier capped mountains, rugged ocean coastline along the Pacific, calmer oyster-filled coastline along the Hood Canal, and stunning old-growth rainforests. We spent nearly two weeks on the peninsula and got to experience first-hand everything except the mountains, which we only ever saw off in the distance. Little known fact: Olympic National Park is the only place where the Greek Gods are still allowed to visit the U.S. Map of Olympic Peninsula (Olympic National Park in Green) Hood Canal on the East We actually [...]

Vicaribupdate – Olympic Peninsula, Washington2018-08-18T14:09:30-06:00

Vicaribupdate – San Juan Islands, Seattle and Another Breakdown

After nearly 7,000 miles of driving since leaving Denver four months ago, we finally found the Pacific coast, sort of. Our first stop on the coast was at San Juan Island, which is technically in the Salish Sea. From there we worked our way down the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula trying to get to Mt. Rainier, but failed, breaking down just a couple of miles outside the park entrance. Once that was sorted out, we headed to Seattle for a bit. Little known fact: the San Juan Islands were purchased from Canada for six beaver pelts and one Celine [...]

Vicaribupdate – San Juan Islands, Seattle and Another Breakdown2018-08-11T13:28:12-06:00
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