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But How Do You Get Mail? Getting Packages on the Road While Traveling

One of the most common questions travelers (including us) get asked is "how do you get mail?" And, while we are in the day and age where paper snail mail is not all that important, packages (particularly Amazon Prime packages) are.  Here we will talk about how we get mail, and all the different ways we have tried (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to get packages while traveling on the road. Getting Mail on the Road This is an easy one for us.  We send all of our mail to Nick's mom. Her house also happens to be our permanent address and [...]

But How Do You Get Mail? Getting Packages on the Road While Traveling2018-08-11T11:13:54-06:00

7 Reasons You Should Go To Idaho

Idaho is the Gem State, which couldn't be a more fitting name for this hidden gem.  Some folks probably can't even pick out Idaho on a map, and most likely don't know about all the beauty and awesomeness throughout the state. Here are seven reasons you should go to Idaho. 1. Mountains There are numerous gorgeous mountain ranges in Idaho and we recommend hiking into them to get the best perspective, but many are beautiful to just drive through as well.  We made it to the Pioneer and Sawtooth ranges, which blew us away.  One day we'll come back for the [...]

7 Reasons You Should Go To Idaho2018-07-29T22:13:38-06:00

Vicaribupdate – Central Idaho to the Coast of Washington

Central Idaho was amazing - and several weeks ago in our journey. Since then we have traveled through Boise, worked our way to northern Idaho around Coeur d'Alene, and cut all the way across Washington to the coast. Idaho continued to delight us throughout and Washington started off extremely hot (weird), but has now cooled down allowing us to soak in the amazing sights, sounds and smells of the Pacific Northwest. Little known fact: After hitting Boise, you spend three days on the coast of Florida before reaching northern Idaho. Boise (pronounced "Boy See") After leaving the splendid Sawtooth Mountains region [...]

Vicaribupdate – Central Idaho to the Coast of Washington2018-07-24T11:07:07-06:00

Five Awesome Free Campsites in Utah

Utah is plastered in amazing landscapes begging to be explored - from the canyons and rock formations of the south to the mountain and lakes of the north.  Everywhere you look there is beauty and luckily there are tons of great free camping options to soak it all in.  Here are some of our favorite free camping spots from our month long stay in Utah: Tom's Best Spring Closest Town: Bryce, UT GPS Coordinates: 37°44'25.3"N 112°15'24.5"W Description: There are a ton of spots all along this road to accommodate any size rig or even large groups.  There are some spots right [...]

Five Awesome Free Campsites in Utah2018-07-17T10:23:40-06:00

Three Month Reflections – I Think We’re Getting the Hang of This!

As of yesterday, we have officially been living on the road for three months.  It feels like we started forever ago and yesterday all at the same time.  Overall, we feel like we are really getting the hang of this and have worked out a bunch of kinks since we started traveling.  Though, we still have plenty to learn and work on at the same time.  We figured now was a good time to reflect and celebrate the areas we've improved and to document the things we want to work on so we can be held accountable. Things We've Gotten Better At [...]

Three Month Reflections – I Think We’re Getting the Hang of This!2018-07-11T15:05:00-06:00

Vicaribupdate – Sun Valley, Redfish Lake and Goldbug Hot Springs

In central Idaho sits a magical land that goes by the name of the Sawtooth National Forest. We spent about two weeks in the area and easily could have spent two months more. We split our time between Sun Valley and Redfish Lake, but were able to get out and explore thanks to some amazing friends in the area who let us borrow a car while we were there! Little known fact: You can get the Best Maps Ever from our friends that live there on their website: bestmapsever.com Sun Valley, Idaho Sun Valley is very nice ski resort that could be [...]

Vicaribupdate – Sun Valley, Redfish Lake and Goldbug Hot Springs2018-07-03T19:10:05-06:00

What To Do With Your Dog While Visiting Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks

The National Park system is a treasure of our country with amazing sights and stunning landscapes to be seen and enjoyed, with five fantastic parks in Southern Utah alone. The one downside to National Parks is they are not the most dog friendly places. Most National Parks have few (if any) places that pups are allowed and if you want to do that iconic hike or ride that shuttle to that breathtaking viewpoint you will have to leave your fur baby behind. So what do you do if you are bringing your pup along on your road trip, or if you are [...]

What To Do With Your Dog While Visiting Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks2018-07-02T09:24:45-06:00

Vicaribupdate 11 – Northern Utah and Southern Idaho

A lot of time, distance, non-bus travels, exciting news and more have happened since the last Vicaribupdate. We have worked our a way from Moab through bits of central and northern Utah, and now up into Idaho. During this period we also took a a quick beach vacation to Virginia and added some new content to the site. Little known fact: Only 1 in 10 Americans have ever heard of Idaho (and they like it that way). Central and Northern Utah After we left Moab, we worked our way up to the Park City area just outside of Salt Lake City. [...]

Vicaribupdate 11 – Northern Utah and Southern Idaho2018-06-24T12:04:31-06:00

Vicaribupdate 10 – In and Around Moab, Utah

If you like amazing national parks, stunning geological wonders, dinosaurs, hiking, mountain biking, rivers, off-road vehicling [sic], heat, Memorial Day shenanigans with friends from Denver and/or tasty foods, ten days in Moab is just about enough time to scratch the surface of this giant adult playground. While we didn't get to do any off-roading or mountain biking (which is ridiculous since Moab is the birthplace of the mountain bike), we sure got in plenty of the other stuff - and it was glorious. Little known fact: Moab got it's name either from an area east of the Jordan River in the [...]

Vicaribupdate 10 – In and Around Moab, Utah2018-06-06T21:55:56-06:00

Vicaribupdate 8 – Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a well-oiled machine. It is the Disneyland of hiking. The streets of Springdale, the town at the foot of the canyon, resemble those of a bustling metropolis, except every person has on some sort of pack and is either on their way to, or just completed, a hike. Never have I seen anywhere like this, but, this is my first big-time national park aside from the Grand Canyon. Little known fact: When angels touch down on earth's surface, they must choose an animal to inhabit while on the ground. In Zion, they tend gravitate towards the chipmunk. [...]

Vicaribupdate 8 – Zion National Park2018-05-20T19:27:36-06:00
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