After spending 4 nights in a mechanic’s parking lot we were ready for fun and adventure again.  We made a brief stop at an RV park for some hot showers and laundry and then moved on to our first Harvest Hosts stay – an alpaca farm!

For those of you who do not know, Harvests Hosts is a membership program you can join that gives you access to fun places like farms, wineries, museums, etc., all over the country that will let you spend the night on their property.  Naturally, when we saw an alpaca farm right in the Santa Fe area we knew we would need to make a stop there, and it did not disappoint.

Blue Mesa Alpacas is located about 20 minutes outside of Santa Fe in the countryside. We drove up, hopped out of the bus with Miles on leash and immediately had 55 alpacas just staring at us, it was both amazing (because holy cuteness!) and creepy (that’s a lot of eyes on you at once).  The owner Bob came to meet us and teach us all things alpaca. The first thing we learned was that the stare down was because of Miles and not us, apparently alpacas are very scared of dogs as they have no defense against them. We tried to tell them that Miles was just a small short necked alpaca and after 24 hours it seemed like they may have been beginning to believe us.  I mean look at this guy – him and Miles are practically twins:

We also learned that alpacas are pretty low maintenance, they don’t need a lot of space and all they eat is grass.  Bob said that to take care of all 55 alpacas is only about 1-1.5 hours of work each day which is mostly cleaning up poop.  Now, some of you may know, but Nick and I have been half joking/half seriously talking about getting a pet alpaca for some time. After visiting Blue Mesa Alpacas and learning how chill they are, we want pet alpacas even more (once we aren’t living in a bus of course)!

Seriously, just check out all these cute, amazing and awkward alpaca photos:

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