Idaho is the Gem State, which couldn’t be a more fitting name for this hidden gem.  Some folks probably can’t even pick out Idaho on a map, and most likely don’t know about all the beauty and awesomeness throughout the state. Here are seven reasons you should go to Idaho.

1. Mountains

There are numerous gorgeous mountain ranges in Idaho and we recommend hiking into them to get the best perspective, but many are beautiful to just drive through as well.  We made it to the Pioneer and Sawtooth ranges, which blew us away.  One day we’ll come back for the Tetons.

Pioneer cabin and the Pioneer Mountains.

Hiking in the Sawtooth National Forest.


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2. Waterfalls

Southern Idaho is covered in waterfalls – including Shoshone Falls which is taller than Niagra and Thousand Springs State Park, where there are so many mini waterfalls it looks like the walls are crying.

Shoshone Falls Viewpoint

Shoshone Falls

1000 Springs State Park

Box Canyon Springs

More of 1000 Springs State Park

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3. Lava

Liquid. Hot. Magma. (Austin Powers Anyone?)  Okay so this is old solid cold lava, but it is still super cool. Make sure not to miss Craters of the Moon National Monument.  We happened to time it perfectly for wildflower season too!

Craters of the Moon National Monument

WIldflowers at Craters of the Moon

Feels like you are on another planet when you are there

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4. Hot Springs

Idaho has one of the highest concentration of hot springs on the planet.  They have something for everyone from fancy resort style pools, to private bathhouses, to natural springs that requiring a little hiking.  The latter is our perosnal favorite, with Goldbug Hot Springs taking the cake for most picturesque.

Gold Bug Hot Springs

Gold Bug Hot Springs

Goldbug Hot Springs

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5. Lakes

It seemed like no matter where we were in Idaho a marvelous lake was nearby.  Some in cities, some at the campgrounds and some that required hikes to find.

Alpine Lake- The Reward After 6 Miles of Hiking

Redfish Lake- Pier From the Day Use Beach

Redfish Lake- View from Sockeye Campground

Campsite View at Lake Cascade

Coeur D’Alene

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6. Rivers

If there isn’t a lake close enough, there is guaranteed to be a river instead.  These rivers have gorgeous crystal clear water, world class trout fishing, and awesome whitewater rafting – what more could you possibly want?

Perrine Bridge- BASE jumping paradise

Snake River

Part of 1000 Springs State Park

Black Bay- off the Spokane River

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7. French Fries

Okay, so maybe you know Idaho has potatoes and it only makes sense that they know what to do with them. BUT, make sure you go to Boise Fry Company. They have about 8 different kinds of potatoes and 5 different shapes of french fries.  I suggest going at happy hour where small fries are buy one get one free and sampling them all. Plus, they have all kinds of dipping sauces and flavored salts.  Oh, and they have burgers too if you’re into that.

French Fry Heaven

Are you ready to visit Idaho yet?

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