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Vicaribus – like vicarious, but with a ‘b’ – is our bus that we lovingly converted into our tiny home on wheels.

Right now we are in the midst of a year long journey gallivanting around the country exploring all of the beautiful places and meeting all of you beautiful people.

We’re sharing as much of this journey as we can so you can so that you, too, can vicariously live the bus life.


We are three people – one of whom happens to technically be a dog – who have decided to get rid of all of our stuff, put working on hold (mostly), and to get out and live a little.

For more info about Heather, Nick and Miles, head over to the About Vicaribus and the Passengers Page.


Right now we are in western Washington and will spend the next few months working our way down the Pacific coast through Washington, Oregon and California. In November, we will work our way back to the East Coast and spend the winter in Florida.


So far we have traveled through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Washington.

You can see everywhere we have been and where we plan to go on Our Maps page.


We post all the pretty things on Instagram. We create little vignettes of bus life for our YouTube Channel. We share it all on Facebook. We share a bunch of data we collect on our Live Data page. And, we write all about it on our blog, which you can subscribe to right here!


You can see all of our photos on our Photo Galleries page and all of our videos on our Video Gallery page.

Here are our most recent photo galleries to get you started.


Our Vicaribupdates recount our recent travels, while other posts share some of our tips, favorites and more.

Five Best Campsites in Idaho

Idaho was our 4th state to visit on our journey and provided some of our best campsites yet!  There is ample free camping in the mountains and national forests and tons of dreamy waterfront spots on various lakes and rivers.  Perhaps the best thing of all about Idaho, it seems nobody else knows about it yet.  While we are hesitant about letting the secret out, Idaho is too awesome not to share.  Without further ado here are [...]

Vicaribupdate – Olympic Peninsula, Washington

The Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National Park in western Washington has a little bit of everything. Glacier capped mountains, rugged ocean coastline along the Pacific, calmer oyster-filled coastline along the Hood Canal, and stunning old-growth rainforests. We spent nearly two weeks on the peninsula and got to experience first-hand everything except the mountains, which we only ever saw off in the distance. Little known fact: Olympic National Park is the only place where the Greek Gods [...]

Vicaribupdate – San Juan Islands, Seattle and Another Breakdown

After nearly 7,000 miles of driving since leaving Denver four months ago, we finally found the Pacific coast, sort of. Our first stop on the coast was at San Juan Island, which is technically in the Salish Sea. From there we worked our way down the eastern side of the Olympic Peninsula trying to get to Mt. Rainier, but failed, breaking down just a couple of miles outside the park entrance. Once that was sorted out, [...]

But How Do You Get Mail? Getting Packages on the Road While Traveling

One of the most common questions travelers (including us) get asked is "how do you get mail?" And, while we are in the day and age where paper snail mail is not all that important, packages (particularly Amazon Prime packages) are.  Here we will talk about how we get mail, and all the different ways we have tried (both successfully and unsuccessfully) to get packages while traveling on the road. Getting Mail on the Road This [...]

7 Reasons You Should Go To Idaho

Idaho is the Gem State, which couldn't be a more fitting name for this hidden gem.  Some folks probably can't even pick out Idaho on a map, and most likely don't know about all the beauty and awesomeness throughout the state. Here are seven reasons you should go to Idaho. 1. Mountains There are numerous gorgeous mountain ranges in Idaho and we recommend hiking into them to get the best perspective, but many are beautiful to [...]

Vicaribupdate – Central Idaho to the Coast of Washington

Central Idaho was amazing - and several weeks ago in our journey. Since then we have traveled through Boise, worked our way to northern Idaho around Coeur d'Alene, and cut all the way across Washington to the coast. Idaho continued to delight us throughout and Washington started off extremely hot (weird), but has now cooled down allowing us to soak in the amazing sights, sounds and smells of the Pacific Northwest. Little known fact: After hitting [...]

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