About 100 miles into my first ride in the bus, I realized the gas gauge hadn’t moved. For the next 2200 miles or so I just guessed as to how much gas I had, which didn’t always work. (See 2000 Mile Shakedown)

The first hunch is always that the fuel tank sender unit isn’t working. After some poor multimeter testing and some weird behavior from the dash I incorrectly determined the issue was with the fuel gauge itself. 90% percent sure now that it was indeed the sender unit. Fortunately for me, some previous owner had cut an access panel to the top of the tank from inside the bus, alleviating the need for a painful or expensive tank drop. I got a new sender off of Amazon, as I do pretty much everything. Installation was easy through the makeshift hatch.

I haven’t driven that far since replacing it, but I do think┬áthe gauge has moved some. Fingers crossed!

Hatch found under couch (couch included with bus purchase, now at goodwill):

Hatch opened:

Old sender unit… looks pretty bad:

You can see the full conversion so far here.