About 3 miles after I finalized the purchase of the bus and drove away from the seller I noticed something funny, and further more, something that was not disclosed at the time of the sale.

Sometimes the dash just stops working completely! No wonder it had “low miles”. Right now it says it has around 60,000 miles. No telling what it really has.

The initial suspect was a bad ground or short somewhere, as the problem was intermittent and exacerbated by shaking.

After much trial and error and some help from the forums, it was determined that it was likely that there was a bad solder point on the back of the dash where the main harness connected to it.

Fortunately this instrument cluster is SUPER EASY to remove. So I did. And I did some soldering. So far, so good.

These readings don’t seem right for a bus that is stopped:

Getting my solder on: