Why on earth would one remove two – yes, two – very cold, very working, custom A/C units from a bus that one also plans to live in?

The answer is very simple, and two part.

They took up too much room, as we have a very small bus. And, they are only useful when the bus is running.

We will be using something else to keep ourselves cool, and intend to follow the weather as best we can while traveling.

I didn’t actually get any good picture of the systems while they were on the bus, but this is where the were hanging from the ceiling (one in the front, one in the back):

After 3 days of grueling, painful work, the complete system was removed, including:

  • Two compressors on the engine
  • The two evaporators in the bus
  • The two condensors under the bus
  • All hoses (probably 80 ft)
  • All wiring (100 ft at least)
  • Even the switches on the dash

There were a couple extra benefits form this work. The engine is much more accessible without the two compressors, and the wiring on the bus has much less room for gremlins.

After the fact I wondered if these parts were sellable. I did some searching and discovered no one selling anything like this, except new. I also discovered that somebody paid probably at least $5,000 to get this system installed.

Here is everything that was pulled out: