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A bus has got to have a voice.

Bus Conversion: How to make an awesome kitchen countertop from a door

We spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do for our kitchen counter top. There were two primary requirements - it needed to be light and it needed to be durable - and for a bonus we were hoping it would be cheap!  Once you start talking about light weight, you pretty much eliminate all stone countertop choices and durable takes away glass, ceramic. I’m no expert, but this pretty much left us with wood - solid or laminate.  We started exploring the butcher block style, and while it met our criteria being durable, relatively light and relatively cheap, it looks like wood and only comes in wood colors like oak and walnut and other shades of brown. [...]

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Bus Conversion: Power Up

We spent over half of our initial budget on a top of the line power system from Victron Energy. And by we, I mean I. You know what they say about initial budgets anyway, "It's like that unicorn you thought you saw.. turns out some guy just glued a horn to his pony. Never gonna happen." One of my favorite sayings. So, why did I go all out on the power system? I'm a hardware hacker. I like technology. I like fancy technology. And, I like data. The Victron Energy systems give me all of that. They have some really nice features around data logging, internet connectivity, open-source software and so on - not to mention all of their stuff is [...]

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Bus Conversion: Getting Decked

When converting a bus, one must prioritize the order in which things get done. Without a doubt, building a rooftop deck is one of the highest priority steps on the path towards a safe, comfortable and livable bus. Right? Actually, we ended up prioritizing this step early in the build because we thought it would involve putting holes in the roof - screws, bolts, something. Turns out the design our fabricator came up with didn't require an holes in the body, but hey now we have a deck! The deck ended up being 8 foot by 10 foot, and hangs off the back of the bus by a couple feet, providing a nice owning over the back door, and a sweet [...]

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Excursion 1: 11,000ft Shakedown – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2017

Even though Vicaribus isn't finished with it's makeover, there's no reason it should remain confined to it's claustrophobic backyard parking pen. Sure it gets it's daily Home Depot run and the odd overnighter at the shop, but sometimes a bus just has to get out and stretch it's legs and see the world. Rather than warming up with something simple for our first real excursion, we decided that we might as well just dive in and give Vicaribus a real challenge. The challenge we came up with was driving up a big ass mountain and spending the night at 11,000 feet in elevation. There was a valid reason for this, however. We've been meaning to check out the Pikes Peak International [...]

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Bus Conversion: Getting Tanked

In this episode of the Vicaribus bus conversion blog-a-thon we will go over the Vicaribus water system and installation. You'll not want to miss it, because it includes bonus footage of slow motion awkwardly positioned welding by our good friend Chad at C-Squared Studios. When adding a water system to a bus there are lots of options as to how you can go about it. You will typically have a fresh water tank, a grey water tank, and possibly a black water tank. The fresh tank is your sparkly clean fresh water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Your grey water tank is where the waste water from the sink and shower go. The black tank is where the stinky gross remains [...]

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Bus Conversion: Insulation and More – Floor, Walls and Ceiling, Oh My

Before Michelangelo could craft a masterpiece, he first had to create a blank canvas. As it goes for Michelangelo, so goes it for Vicaribus. After the teardown was complete, the next step was re-insulating and boarding up the floor, walls and ceiling so that we could have a nice clean medium in which to apply our handywork. If you peruse the skoolie forums, you will find lots of discussion on whether or not to insulate and if so, what type of insulation to go with. Even though we are leaving most of our windows exposed (bus windows are quite the thermal succubus... ha, pun intended... after the fact), we decided to go ahead and insulate the crap out of Vicaribus. We started with the [...]

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