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A bus has got to have a voice.

Bus Conversion: How we fit a living room, dining room, office, guest bed and storage in 20 square feet.

Designing a bus is a lot of work, and one of the hardest parts is deciding which things actually get to the fit in the bus, which parts of the build get precious inches added to or subtracted from them, and which things get eliminated all together. It's all about making the most of the space, and squeezing out every last drop of functionality. Being that we are all about comfort and lounging, we knew that some kind of "living room" with couch seating had to make the cut. Our couch in our sticks-and-bricks apartment is where we spend the vast majority of our time when we are home. (Check out the picture below and you will see why- it’s pretty [...]

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Searching: a (trailer for a) film by the Passengers

A while back the Passengers (sans Miles) went to Iceland to film a story about a T-Rex searching for... well, searching for something that you can't know about yet. We are proud to release the trailer for that film now. Enjoy. If you would like to receive email updates for the Vicaribus build, click here to subscribe!

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Bus Conversion: Kitchens, Bathrooms and Miscellaneous

It seems we are due an update. As these things go - in this case blogging the conversion - the momentum has waned, but fear not, the conversion itself carries on as strong as ever. Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. The kitchen is pretty darn far along, as is the bathroom. These will be the focus of this post, but do note that since the last update, there have been other ancillary bits of progress as well. These include, but are not limited to, full installation of the ceiling boards, installation and plumbing of a propane tank under the back of the bus, wiring and outlets, new livery on the back, and the addition of a permanent cellular [...]

Excursion 3: Total solar eclipse of my heart

I'm fairly certain this is excursion three. The first was definitely Pikes Peak, documented here. The second would have been Twin Lakes - undocumented, but mostly consisting of overheating on he side of the mountain roads, and lakes. This time around we took Vicaribus up to Nebraska for some eclipse chasing. Our base of operations was a fantastic gem of a lake called Lake McConaughy, commonly referred to as Lake Mac. What a find that was. Lake Mac is the biggest lake and Nebraska, and when the water is down like now, it is surrounded by exceptional white sand beaches. The sand itself rivaled the best beaches in Florida, though in Florida, there aren't stumps and reeds sticking out everywhere. The [...]

Bus Conversion: How to make an awesome kitchen countertop from a door

We spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do for our kitchen counter top. There were two primary requirements - it needed to be light and it needed to be durable - and for a bonus we were hoping it would be cheap!  Once you start talking about light weight, you pretty much eliminate all stone countertop choices and durable takes away glass, ceramic. I’m no expert, but this pretty much left us with wood - solid or laminate.  We started exploring the butcher block style, and while it met our criteria being durable, relatively light and relatively cheap, it looks like wood and only comes in wood colors like oak and walnut and other shades of brown. [...]

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Bus Conversion: Power Up

We spent over half of our initial budget on a top of the line power system from Victron Energy. And by we, I mean I. You know what they say about initial budgets anyway, "It's like that unicorn you thought you saw.. turns out some guy just glued a horn to his pony. Never gonna happen." One of my favorite sayings. So, why did I go all out on the power system? I'm a hardware hacker. I like technology. I like fancy technology. And, I like data. The Victron Energy systems give me all of that. They have some really nice features around data logging, internet connectivity, open-source software and so on - not to mention all of their stuff is [...]

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